2005-09-12 WTC7 Collapse: The Real Story (not tinfoil)

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I see a semi-regular appearance of the idea that the WTC7 building (part of the WTC complex but not one of the Twin Towers) collapsed due to deliberate demolition rather than due to damage from the Twin Tower collapses. This is pretty implausible so I did some internet research to find out why so many people believe it and what actually happened. I can say confidently that the reason belief is widespread is that real investigative sites are difficult to spot amidst the noise of offhand mentions of WTC7 and the conspiracies. The reason for the collapse can't be proven absolutely but strongly indicates failure of particular vulnerable cantilever trusses deep inside the building.

Why do so many believe the conspiracy theories? To find out, google up "WTC 7 collapse". You get pages and pages of conspiracy theories, interspersed with discussions of the entire WTC attack in which WTC 7 appears. Buried on pages 2 and 3 (they were much further back when I first checked this out) you find two gems with real engineering analysis: