2015/01/26/Islamic Terrorism - The Taboo Topic

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Quick notes: the article is strangely formatted. It begins with an indented quote (but no initial quotation mark), then the attribution – but then several more paragraphs are indented, with no attribution, and then the rest of the article is normally formatted.

Also, the paragraph which begins "The word has turned into a place" seems very much like it was meant to read "the world has turned into a place".

Will address the fallacies later.

AuthorUzay Bulut +
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SiteGatestone Institute +
Summary“Every time [[Islam/terrorism|Islami
“Every time Islamic terrorism is discussed, those who bring up the "Christian terrorism" of the Ku Klux Klan or anti-abortion violence simply block free speech, as if deliberately trying to scramble the main topic. They seem to be saying, "Whether the Islamic State is Islamic or not is irrelevant; there are Christian terrorists as well, so do not talk about Islamic terrorists."”
not talk about Islamic terrorists."” +
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TitleIslamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic +
Title/shortIslamic Terrorism - The Taboo Topic +
TopicChristianity/violence/by +, Terrorism +, Islamic State + and Islam/terrorism +
When posted26 January 2015 +
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