2016/06/13/Six questions we should ask after Orlando

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Question #1 seems to be clearly priming people for more "security" measures; this is reinforced by their answer to #4, which suggests that both smaller government and more unilateral power to the US Department of Homeland Security would improve matters.

Their answer to question #2 draws the obvious connection to religious extremism, but points solely to Islam as the source of such extremism -- despite the majority of domestic terror incidents being perpetrated by extremist Christians. (To be fair, their answer to #6 softens this a bit.)

Their answer to #3 tries to obfuscate the need for gun control by emphasizing the (gun-lobby misinterpretation of the) 2nd Amendment and tossing in the idea that maybe gun control advocates are themselves trying to sow dissent.


AuthorDanielle Pletka +
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SiteAmerican Enterprise Institute +
SummaryThe questions:
  • 1) Are there more home-grown terrorists than we realize?
  • 2) Are lone wolves avoidable?
  • 3) Why guns?
  • 4) Who can buy a gun?
  • 5) Why a gay nightclub?
  • 6) Should we bar all Muslims? +
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TitleSix questions we should ask after Orlando +
Title/shortSix questions we should ask after Orlando +
TopicPulse Massacre + and US/domestic terrorism +
When posted13 June 2016 +
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https://www.aei.org/publication/six-questions-we-should-ask-after-orlando/ +