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[edit] Overview

The US Democratic Party is one of the two ruling parties in the United States's two-party political system, the other being the US Republican Partys.

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[edit] Qualities

  • tend to be hostile towards large or expensive engineering projects (e.g. nuclear power), while the Republicans tend to be hostile towards science
  • tend to favor projects which improve sustainability on any level
  • favors civil liberties, environmental conservation

[edit] Criticism

Democrats are often criticized for:

[edit] Notes

  • "How the hell did Democrats become the party of puritan conservative values?" -- David Brin

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  • 2014-07-04 [L..T] At Some Point, Progressives Need to Break Up With the Democratic Party "The Democratic Party espouses right-wing policies. Self-described progressives give them cash. Comedian Bill Maher gave them a million cash dollars, yet Democrats don't agree with him on anything. Why? Because he hates Republicans even more. Why didn't Maher save his money? Or better yet, fund a group or a writer or an artist who promotes ideas he actually agrees with? Because he, like tens of millions of other liberals, are stuck in the two-party trap."
  • 2014-05-16 [L..T] Miami Will Be Underwater Before the Senate Acts on Climate Change "Miami will likely be underwater before the Senate can muster enough votes to meaningfully confront climate change. And probably Tampa and Charleston, too—two other cities that last week's National Climate Assessment placed at maximum risk from rising sea levels."
  • 2014-04-11 [L..T] Dems run on, not from, the ACA "The conventional wisdom on the politics of health care is so widely accepted, it usually goes unchallenged. Democrats – especially vulnerable, red-state Democrats – will be desperate to avoid the Affordable Care Act this election year, eager to talk about anything but the health care law."
  • 2014-03-31 [L..T] The Debate: Independence or Partisanship "Finally there is a much needed debate about the relationship that people who are working for progressive change should have with the Democratic Party. This is a debate that has existed at the edges, in email discussions and private conversations, but is now moving to center stage."

[edit] version 2

  • 2008-09-15 [Talk|Index] The Power of Political Misinformation § “...a series of new experiments show that misinformation can exercise a ghostly influence on people's minds after it has been debunked -- even among people who recognize it as misinformation. In some cases [chiefly among Republicans], correcting misinformation serves to increase the power of bad information.”


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