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This page is a list of users who have had problems with G+'s naming policy but are not currently suspended from G+.

Using Legal Name, Given Warning

The following users are using their legal names, but have nonetheless been hit with suspension warnings:


These accounts were suspended but then reinstated.

Name Where Used When suspended When reinstated Sources
aestetix aestetix legal name? 2011-07-23 2011-07-28 ...brief chronology...
Arianna Huffington celebrity 2011-07-10 2011-07-10 Twitter
Bug Girl Twitter, others ≤2011-07-24 2011-08-05 Does Google+ hate women?, reinstated
CZ Unit LJ, friends, family ~2011-07-22
Ian "epredator" Hughes "multiple URLs" ≤2011-07-23 2011-07-27 [
Limor "Ladyada" Fried legal name 2011-07-23 2011-07-23 UPDATE: I am back

Openly Using Alias, Still Active

Name Legal Name Sources Notes
b hiro not known 2011-08-21 G+ post is now shown as a verified user
Rowan Thunder not known CNET supposedly suspended and then reinstated
Technogran Sandra Lange blogspot 2011-07-31 G++ post switched from legal name to alias on 2011-08-01
Woozle Staddon Nick Staddon HypertWiki, Woozalia, Issuepedia, etc. joined using pseudonym in early July 2011; changed G+ name to "Woozle von Alias-Staddon" on 2011-07-31

Using Real Name, Prefer Alias

These users are on G+ with their legal names, but would prefer to use an alias by which they are better known.

Name Legal Name Name Documentation When Suspended When Reinstated Sources
Skud Kirrily Robert Alex Bayley well-documented 2011-07-22 2011-08-11 [[]]
Note that another user named sKuD sKuD was active the entire time Kirrily "Skud" Robert was suspended.
Lucas Lucidity Lucas Wharton 2011-10-20 post

Users Staying Away

These users have stayed off of Google+ specifically because of the names policy.

Name Where Used Sources
Scicurious multiple blogs On the Issue of Pseudonymity
Yonmei FeministSF, Redbubble, others Darth Google. We should have known.

Status Unconfirmed

Name Where Used Sources
Drug Monkey Scientopia ScienceBlogs Blogger B&N Twitter (Scientopia/ScienceBlogger may be different person; not clear) Greg Laden

Note: as of 2011-08-18, ScienceBlogs has adopted a policy of disallowing pseudonymous blogging.