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Although there are probably many planned and wanted children born to teenaged mothers who are able to care for them properly, teen pregnancy statistics are often used as a stand-in for unwanted pregnancy statistics for the following reasons:

  • They are apparently easier to obtain (not sure why, though one can make guesses)
  • They are likely to have a higher correlation with sex education policies, which is one of the major topics when unwanted pregnancies are being discussed
  • Any given teen pregnancy has a much higher probability (than an adult pregnancy) of being unwanted:
    • Teenagers (of the ages usually under discussion) are too young to be legally having sex.
    • Teenagers are almost never prepared (economically and otherwise) to raise a child.
    • Many teenage girls are not physically mature enough to give birth safely.

[edit] Goals

Ideally, when talking about the results of sex education policy we would be talking only about the rate of unwanted teen pregnancies; it is only the lack of such data that makes it necessary to lump all teen pregnancies together as an undesirable end.

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