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The US Republican Party (the "Grand Old Party" or GOP) generally represents the political right wing in the United States, in opposition to the US Democratic Party which supposedly represents the left wing. More recently, as the political leadership has lurched rightward while mainstream thought has slowly moved leftward, the GOP has come to represent the far-to-extreme right while the Democrats now represent the center-to-right.

[edit] Conclusions

Since at least the year 2000 (possibly beginning during the Reagan administration), this party has become mainly about:

  • obstructionism -- the "party of No", "the Republican'ts" -- opposed to any measures supported by Democrats, even if Republicans originally supported or proposed those same measures
  • corporatism -- rewriting laws and decimating public-interest government regulation to suit their corporate sponsors; see RepubliCorp
  • ignorance, fear, and untruth -- furthering their agenda at any cost, including promotion of long-debunked falsehoods, embracing radical populism (e.g. the Tea Party), abandoning rational discussion, and failing to have any sense of shame over repeated instances of hypocrisy

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  • 2005-12-21 Fear of death may factor into who we vote for: specifically, subtle reminders of mortality caused people to switch votes from Kerry to Bush; this seems likely to be a specific of a more general trend of voting Republican/Conservative being correlated with perceived danger level. The Party seems well aware of this, as they have a created a number of entities whose sole purpose seems to be to generate calculated levels of alarm and fear, at will, in the general population.

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Respect Republican Principles Now!
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