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[edit] Online Survey

We endorse (formerly-suspended G+ user and former Google employee) Skud's Suspended Google+ Accounts survey; if you have been suspended for a names-policy violation, go there and add your information. (The information here on Issuepedia comes from other sources; that survey has not yet been included.) Skud's form is confidential and does allow you to choose how much of your information to release publicly. Preliminary results (using only information that users were willing to release publicly):

[edit] Users Currently Suspended

The information available to us indicates that these users are still suspended. These are gleaned from public sources I happened to come across, so it is far from complete.

If you are not on this list, feel free to add it (see Help:Contents for how to create an account, and use the discussion page if you don't want to mess with table formatting) -- but you might want to add it to Skud's survey first (see above).

Online Name Legal Name Where Used When suspended Sources
Doctor Popular well-known DJ Trapped in the Googlehole.
  • ~2011-07-17 suspended
  • 2011-07-29 suspended again
Well, this policy made me realize who I am....
Other users named CZ have not been banned: cz bai, CZ liu
GrrlScientist many places ~2011-07-18 Google's gormless 'no pseudonym' policy
Identity Woman Kaliya Hamlin domain, Twitter 2011-07-31 2011-08-05 blog entry
Laughing Rat DreamWidth
Kake ~2011-08-11 [1]
Opensource Obscure Second Life ~2011-07-11 Google Still Doesn’t Get Social
raincoaster blog ≤2011-07-24 twice The Google+ Situation
Rainyday Superstar Banned from Google a Second Time
Swoopy Robynn McCarthy well-documented 2011-07-24 Twitter post
Treelobsters Twitter 2011-07-22 Twitter post

[edit] Links


  • 2011-07-29T13:57:00 [L..T] Google is gagging user advocates So here we have a Googler who is working on identity stuff part-time as a “Devil’s Advocate” (I guess the users are the “devil” from Google’s perspective, ugh), who has repeatedly helped disseminate information about Google+ identity policy, and who has always taken a balanced view in her public posts, asking for anti-pseudonym resources or suggestions from the community, all while being very clear that she doesn’t speak for Google officially... silenced, and forced not to speak.
  • 2011-07-27 [L..T] Why it Matters: Google+ and Diversity Just a few days before Google+'s doors officially open on July 31, Google's latest communications from Vic (via Robert) and Bradley on the raft of account suspensions and “common names” policy seem unlikely to put the “identity crisis” to rest. It's certainly a positive sign that they’re engaging, and process changes like giving people with names Google doesn’t like a week to change their account name before suspending them are certainly improvements. That said, the impression they’re giving is that they’re going to try to hold the line with the current policy even knowing that it targets transgender people, human rights activists, people at risk for stalking and harrassment domestic violence survivors, HIV/AIDS victims and caregivers, people with names that sound weird to Americans (or for that matter people in Hong Kong who would rather go by their English names)...
  • 2011-07-25T10:12:00 [L..T] Four Things Google Plus Could Do To Fix Google Plus “Saturday’s Google+ user account deletion purge plunged the new social network into a crisis of user trust. The community wants it fixed.” A good collection of incidents (with sources) and specific suggestions for fixing G+.
  • 2011-07-25 [L..T] Google's gormless 'no pseudonym' policy A week ago, I was stunned to discover that my entire Google account -- gmail, reader, blogger, Google documents, YouTube, Google Plus (G+), etc. -- was suddenly suspended because their system "perceived a violation."
  • 2011-07-25 [L..T] Why Google+'s 'real name' policy is so flawed A mere four weeks after it launched, the shine is already coming off Google+, Google’s new social networking service. Over the last few days, Google+ has been suspending the accounts of users it suspects of contravening its real name policy. But many feel this policy is misguided and may even be dangerous.
  • 2011-07-24 [L..T] Does Google+ hate women? Ok, that title is way over the top to get your attention. BUT. I do want to talk about what the “no pseudonyms” policy adopted at G+ means for women, LGBT folk, and civil servants. .. There are many, many resources that can explain to Google why adopting this policy is a stupid idea (aside from the obvious business advantage of not alienating early adopters and potential G+ evangelists).
  • 2011-07-22T18:18:00 [L..T] I’ve been suspended from Google+ Skud summarizes the circumstances of her suspension from Google+, including her prior employment at Google and arguments in favor of pseudonymity.
  • 2011-07-16 [L..T] The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity The avalanche of news last weekend was triggered by the story that Opensource Obscure, a Second Life resident from Italy, had his profile suspended by Google+ because his name "violated community standards." This was followed by reports of the accounts of Second Life users being culled, much in the same fashion as had happened at Facebook weeks ago.
  • 2011-07-11 [L..T] Google Confirms: Non-Real Name Google Profiles Risk Suspension (I.E., Google Still Doesn’t Get Social)
  • 2011-07-08 [L..T] Anti-pseudonym bingo “People testing the Google+ social network are discussing increasing evidence that, terms of service requirement or not, Google+ wants people to use their legal names much as Facebook does. Skud shares a heads-up from a user banned for using his initials. Then, for example, see discussion around it on Mark Cuban’s stream, Skud's stream and Sarah Stokely’s blog.” The post includes a bingo card to keep score of anti-nym arguments.
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