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The 2012 US presidential election is currently looking very depressing, given that it will probably be a contest between near-right Barack Obama (incumbent) and whoever the GOP picks. If they pick a fundie nutcase like Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry, they will probably lose; if they pick a moderate or near-right candidate like Mitt Romney, then it barely matters who wins.

The only real hope is if a credible 3rd-party or independent candidate is able to make some headway.



  • Bob Hall - candidacy annountement (Vimeo), Facebook
    • One argument to pick: he argues that taxes on corporations are ultimately passed on to individuals; this is bogus. If that were true, then corporate tax cuts would also be passed on to individuals, which is clearly not the case. (On the positive side, this argument at least makes some sense of the "FairTax" idea, even if it is based on an incorrect assumption.)
  • Gary Johnson - campaign site, interview with John Stossel
    • Wants to legalize cannabis
    • Seems to be libertarian-leaning but not anti-government; suggests ways to make government smaller without destroying vital services