2005-08-22 A Funny Little Story About The Media

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<hide> <let name=data index=Date>2005-08-22</let> <let name=data index=Topics>\mainstream media\manufactured consent\war on democracy</let> <let name=data index=URL>http://www.tinyrevolution.com/mt/archives/000596.html</let> <let name=data index=Title>A Funny Little Story About The Media</let> <let name=data index=Text>“At the time, I remember thinking this: 1. How interesting that the DC press corps knows grimy details about lots of politicians but only chooses to tell the great unwashed when they decide it's appropriate. 2. How interesting that the DC press corps feels it's their place to make decisions for the rest of America; ie, rather than laying out the evidence that Hart was weird, flaky, etc., and letting Americans decide whether they cared, they decided run-of-the-mill citizens couldn't be trusted to make the correct evaluation. 3. How interesting that Cohen felt it was appropriate to tell all this to a small group of fresh-faced, ambitious, grotty Yale youths, but not to the outside world. And how interesting that we were being socialized into thinking this was normal.” Commentary: Teresa Nielsen Hayden</let> </hide><if not flag=$including><let name=docat val=1 /><call ShowLinkData /></if>