2006-03-20 Pro-Israel lobby in US under attack

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<hide> <let name=data index=Date>2006-03-20</let> <let name=data index=Topics>\US-Iraq War\US-Israel relations</let> <let name=data index=URL>http://www.upi.com/International_Intelligence/Analysis/2006/03/20/proisrael_lobby_in_us_under_attack/1902/</let> <let name=data index=Title>Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack</let> <let name=data index=Text>2=“Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, author of "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics" and Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard's Kenney School, and author of "Taming American Power: The Global Response to U.S. Primacy," are leading figures American in academic life. .. They claim that the Israel lobby has distorted American policy and operates against American interests, that it has organized the funneling of more than $140 billion dollars to Israel and "has a stranglehold" on the U.S. Congress, and its ability to raise large campaign funds gives its vast influence over Republican and Democratic administrations, while its role in Washington think tanks on the Middle East dominates the policy debate. .. And they say that the Lobby works ruthlessly to suppress questioning of its role, to blacken its critics and to crush serious debate about the wisdom of supporting Israel in U.S. public life.” repost, with comments and additional links. Apparently one of the points made by the book is that the US-Iraq War was not about oil. </let> </hide><if not flag=$including><let name=docat val=1 /><call ShowLinkData /></if>