2006-05-18 Uncovering Project Censored

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-Project Censored

When Professor Carl Jensen started the Project as a 400-level course through Sonoma State University


Three decades is a long time to survive in any business, and for nearly a quarter-century most of the stories published by Project Censored went mostly unquestioned, if also largely unnoticed by most consumers of mainstream news.

But over the past six years, the playing fields in both journalism and politics have changed dramatically. For starters, mainstream news is now being controlled by giant corporations and the government like never before. For its part, the federal government has been literally buying good press by co-opting real journalists to write and broadcast the equivalent of press releases for Bush administration

In the alternative journalism world, which some media watchers believe has now become really nothing more than an extension of the mainstream press, both the once staunchly liberal Village Voice and the LA Weekly, along with a host of other papers in major markets across the country, are now owned by the politically ambivalent former New Times chain of papers, a Phoenix-based national publishing company that is now known as Village Voice Media and assumes a largely libertarian political persona in its writing, a hard-knuckled approach to reporting and generally eschews liberal and party-line politics at all of its 17 weekly newspapers.


Somewhat bizarrely, cites Wikipedia as a source, a journalistic no-no. (The current version of Wikipedia's article on Project Censored cites this article as a source...)

The article's title and summary imply that the article is primarily a criticism of Project Censored, but the article's text seems rather more ambivalent. Further analysis seems warranted.</let>

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