2007-08-08 The Unseen Lies: Journalism As Propaganda

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<hide> <let name=data index=Date>2007-08-08</let> <let name=data index=Author>John Pilger</let> <let name=data index=Source>The Greanville Journal</let> <let name=data index=Topics>\journalism\mainstream media\censorship\American dishonor\Vietnam War\media consolidation</let> <let name=data index=URL>http://www.bestcyrano.org/cyrano/?p=137</let> <let name=data index=Title>The Unseen Lies: Journalism As Propaganda</let> <let name=data index=TitlePlain>The Unseen Lies: Journalism As Propaganda</let>

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Edward Bernays, the so--

For what the public did not know was that in order to be professional, journalists had to ensure that news and opinion were dominated by official sources, and that has not changed.

This is a transcript of a talk given by John Pilger at the Socialism 2007 conference in Chicago; there is also a video of Pilger giving this talk, but I can't seem to find it just at the moment.</let>

<let name=data index=TextShort>“In 1983 the principle global media was owned by 50 corporations, most of them American. In 2002 this had fallen to just 9 corporations. Today it is probably about 5. Rupert Murdoch has predicted that there will be just three global media giants, and his company will be one of them.”</let> </hide><if not flag=$including><let name=docat val=1 /><call ShowLinkData /></if>