2008-06-10 Countdown: The Impeachment Of George W. Bush

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Countdown: The Impeachment Of George W. Bush
2008/06/10 00:00

Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich spent some 290 minutes on the House floor Monday, reading Articles of Impeachment against President George Bush. Not that you would notice, as there was a virtual media blackout on the story, but Keith Olbermann ran with it right out of the gate on Tuesday's Countdown.

Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley joined Keith to commend Kucinich and his impeachment bill, which is now co-sponsored by Rep. Robert Wexler. While Turley says there are numerous crimes for which Bush could easily be impeached, the President's greatest ally has been the Democratic Congress who have skirted their constitutional duties and consistently given him a pass rather than practice any oversight.

Turley provides considerable analysis of the situation and lends weight to the suggestion that there is serious danger here. Includes downloadable video.