2008-06-15 America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men

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<hide> <let name=data index=Date>2008-06-15</let> <let name=data index=Topics>\War on Terror\Guantanamo Bay detainment camp\US terrorism detainees\McClatchy/articles</let> <let name=data index=URL>http://www.mcclatchydc.com/detainees/story/38773.html</let> <let name=data index=Title>America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men</let> <let name=data index=Text>“But Akhtiar was no terrorist. American troops had dragged him out of his Afghanistan home in 2003 and held him in Guantanamo for three years in the belief that he was an insurgent involved in rocket attacks on U.S. forces. The Islamic radicals in Guantanamo's Camp Four who hissed "infidel" and spat at Akhtiar, however, knew something his captors didn't: The U.S. government had the wrong guy. .. "He was not an enemy of the government, he was a friend of the government," a senior Afghan intelligence officer told McClatchy. Akhtiar was imprisoned at Guantanamo on the basis of false information that local anti-government insurgents fed to U.S. troops, he said. .. An eight-month McClatchy investigation in 11 countries on three continents has found that Akhtiar was one of dozens of men — and, according to several officials, perhaps hundreds — whom the U.S. has wrongfully imprisoned in Afghanistan, Cuba and elsewhere on the basis of flimsy or fabricated evidence, old personal scores or bounty payments.”</let> </hide><if not flag=$including><let name=docat val=1 /><call ShowLinkData /></if>