2008/07/15/Much ado about transubstantiation

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AuthorMano Singham +
Page typeLink +
SiteMano Singham's Web Journal +
"In [http://blog.case.edu/singham/2008/07/14/why_religions_expect_you_to_believe_preposterous_things the previous post, I suggested that the Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation, which asserts that when the priest during the communion service consecrates the bread and wine, the bread becomes the actual body of Jesus and the wine becomes his actual blood, was a fairly bizarre thing to believe in this day and age and raised the possibility that perhaps even Catholics did not really believe in it but were just humoring the church by going along with a doctrine that came into being a long time ago."
ine that came into being a long time ago." +
Thing typeArticle +
TitleMuch ado about transubstantiation +
Title/shortMuch ado about transubstantiation +
Topic2008 sacred wafer scandal + and Transubstantiation +
When postedJuly 15, 2008 +
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http://blog.case.edu/singham/2008/07/15/much ado about transubstantiation +