2010-06-07 Consumerist.com declares wolf whistles at women is not sexism

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A longtime reader of Consumerist is dismayed by sexist comments on a post abous sexism, and sends a private message (to the editor, the post's author, and the two co-Managing Editors) that these comments are in violation of Consumerist's Comments Code, which prohibits "sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia or hatred" with a penalty of banning or disemvowelment.

There was no response, but there was a follow-up article -- on which she posted a comment, again pointing out the problem. In response she received this reply:

Mizmoose, I appreciate that this is a sensitive topic for you, but as you know very well, it's not appropriate to grind this axe in an unrelated thread.

To explain to all: guys jostling each other to whistle over an attractive woman isn't sexism. I wouldn't start putting down the banhammer on women (or anyone) who did the same thing with an attractive male. I didn't come down against people who didn't like the beefy bodybuilder, either. If that's something you're not comfortable with, that's fine, but it's not against our rules. I can't sanction people for doing something that we allow, and it doesn't make it okay to break the rules yourself.

I know the comment flagging button can be dodgy. You can always contact me at moderator@consumerist.com. I check in often and if I think the comment's OK, I'll let you know too.

...and is apparently banned from the site. She cannot log in and post comments or even flag comments for Code violation.

If correct, this is a particularly sneaky move on the admin's part: others will assume Mizmoose had no response to the admin's reply. Note also the emotional manipulation of "sensitive topic for you" and "grind this axe" (implying that Mizmoose was the only one bothered by the post, and that her reasons were an emotional overreaction rather than a rational or reasonable objection).

The admin also implies that she is breaking the rules, but doesn't explain how -- and doesn't say anything about banning her, either in the original reply or in the follow-up.

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