2018/08/06/Allegations Of Protest Favoritism Ridiculous

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AuthorDave Miller + and Amelia Templeton +
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SiteOPB +
Summary"Everything that was anticipated ... with
"Everything that was anticipated ... with the very clear intent of what people wanted to do, with the level of confrontation and violence that they were expecting to bring, that did not occur. The officers were there and they prevented all of that from happening."
hey prevented all of that from happening." +
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TitlePortland Police Chief: Allegations Of Protest Favoritism 'Ridiculous' +
Title/shortAllegations Of Protest Favoritism Ridiculous +
TopicDanielle Outlaw + and US/OR/Portland/2018/08/04/protest +
When postedAugust 6, 2018 +
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https://www.opb.org/news/article/danielle-outlaw-portland-protest-patriot-prayer-favoritism-arrests/ +