2018/08/30/Beaten for Autism

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Tessa Lovelace, a Portland engineer, says communication issues having to do with their autism diagnosis came into play on June 4 and were a likely factor in how they were observed both by the people of Detroit and by deputies.

Note that Nicol Staddon, quoted in the article, is your friendly Issuepedia sysop/editor Woozle. Here is the complete text of my reaction to the video, as emailed to Helen Caswell:

It was horrifying. Here is someone who is not harming anyone, is in no way a visible threat -- even the police couldn't come up with a worse accusation than "interfering with rescue efforts" or some such -- and yet they feel justified in pounding this person in the head, repeatedly, when said person is not resisting and is actively trying to cooperate.

...and apparently they can get away with this, too. And nobody seems to have a problem with it.

This is the behavior of schoolyard bullies -- but apparently the bullies have been given badges and deadly weapons, and bullying is now celebrated.

Why should I feel safe anymore?

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The person filmed by KGW News on June 4 being struck on the head 16 times by a Marion County sheriff deputy while pinned down by three additional officers says the incident may be partly understood as the response of uninformed individuals to people they don’t understand.
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