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Issuepedia is a resource for both activists and non-activists. Depending on which category you fall into (you can be both), here are some things we encourage you to do:


  • Create an account -- you can do that here.
  • Put something on your user page to let us know who you are and what you're about. (If you are logged in, your user page is [[User:@user.login]].)
  • Donate: even single-digit amounts are helpful. We're on a budget of frozen shoestring leftovers at the moment.


  • Create subpages about areas of interest to you. You can do this by editing your user page ([[User:@user.login]]), typing in [[/title of subpage]] (replacing "title of subpage" with a suitable title), and saving the result. Clicking the link will take you to a blank page which you can edit. Don't forget to save it -- frequently, if it's long.
    • Issuepedia considers all pages under your username (i.e. any page whose title starts with "User:/") to be your space to do with as you please (although we will delete outright spam).
  • Create a position statement. Create a subpage (see instructions above) called "positions" -- with a link like this: [[/positions]] -- and type in your positions on as many issues as you want. You can also update that page at any time, as your views change or as you form opinions on new issues. MediaWiki's "history" feature will keep a record of how your views evolved over time.
  • Indicate what areas you can help with, at least in a general sense: what resources you have available to put towards action, be that individual or collective. Can you:
    • take (and upload) photographs/video?
    • travel?
    • meet people or groups?
    • make phone calls?
    • buy or provide advertising?
    • (suggestions for other uses are welcome)
  • Indicate roughly where you live, so we know who to contact when there's something to do or investigate in a particular geographic area.
  • Tell us more about ways you might be able to help out when there's action to be taken towards a cause you support:
    • What kind of work do you do?
    • What other skills do you have?


  • Let us know how Issuepedia is useful to you -- or what you were hoping it would be useful for, and how it could be more useful to you. You can post that on your user talkpage, or on this page's discussion page.
  • Contribute content: write new articles, update or fix existing ones, etc. (This topic is probably worth a page all to itself.)