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I'm Tessa, aka `jakimfett`.
Ætherperson, Architect, Poet, Scholar, Pirate, Storyweaver

I've also been known as:

  • The Flavel Fixer
  • Captain Jak
  • LightningGoggles
  • BOfH and PFY
  • "cevin"
  • Pirate Ninja Samarai Nightclaw Shaman half-Ork Germanish Humanoid

...and occasionally, Todd, Ryu, or Beast.

I *will* fix your computer/phone/car/house/life/etc if you ask nicely.

I am:
analytical, genderqueer, angry feminist, semi-professional know-it-all, pacifist, transhumanist, kinky/poly/lgbtq+/pet/child/420/etc friendly af, security officer, mechanical/software/civil/architectural engineer, open source technomancer, occasional drinker of mediocre foods. <-- me_irl