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==Pre-election commentary==
===fears of voting fraud===
* '''2006-09-22''' [http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/11717105/robert_f_kennedy_jr__will_the_next_election_be_hacked Will The Next Election Be Hacked?] by [[Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.]] (see also [[Diebold]])
===support for GOP===
* '''2006-10-29''' [[The Only Issue This Election Day (by Orson Scott Card)|The Only Issue This Election Day]] by [[Orson Scott Card]]: [[wikipedia:fisking|fisking]] of an op-ed piece supporting the GOP on the theory that withdrawal from [[Iraq]] can only be a disaster
===Democratic "October Surprise"?===
* '''2006-10-10''' [http://harpers.org/sb-republicans-1160492797.html Republicans Want to Turn Over a New Page]: the Foley scandal couldn't have been a Democratically-orchestrated [[October surprise]] because Harper's was offered the story almost five months earlier, which wouldn't have been good timing to influence the election

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