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(New page: ==Overview== The following text is the contents of a bulk email sent on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on 2008-02-14 and signed by Wesley Clark. Internal links ...)
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The following text is the contents of a bulk email sent on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on 2008-02-14 and signed by Wesley Clark. Internal links have been added and the "Click here to make a donation" message and its accompanying link have been removed.


Dear [first name of recipient],

If you don't think John McCain is just as dangerous in the White House as George W. Bush, think again.

McCain will not reverse the foreign policy mistakes of George Bush. He is content to leave us in Iraq, saying it'd be "fine by me" if we were in Iraq for another 100 years; he is rash on using military force with Iran. He overplays the military card and doesn't seem to appreciate that the real strength of the nation lies in our economy and in our values.

We have to be sure we have a Congress that will support a Democratic president but also one that, in the event of a John McCain presidency, has enough horsepower to ensure he can't continue the policies of George W. Bush.

We can't just triumph over John McCain in the race for the White House. We must also defeat every Republican senator who supports Bush and McCain and believes in continuing a war that 64% of the American people are vehemently against - people like Norm Coleman in Minnesota, Susan Collins in Maine, and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The DSCC is working overtime to expand our narrow 51-49 Democratic majority so they can either push through the agenda of a Democratic president or act as a firewall against the radical policies of a President John McCain. And with the GOP consolidating their national efforts now, the DSCC has got to have the support of committed Democrats early and often.


As a military man, I know and respect the use of force.

I also know it's not enough to keep us safe.

But that's not the way John McCain and his acolytes see it. Since 9/11, they have taken the very real threat of terrorism and turned it into a rallying cry for military adventurism. Their paranoia runs so deep that Sen. McCain has now taken to calling Islamic terrorism the "greatest evil ever faced" by the United States.

This nation triumphed over Nazism and Communism once before and I have no doubt that the bin Ladens of the world will eventually rue the day they challenged the United States. But this constant fear mongering and refusal to change course in Iraq is making it more difficult to defeat our enemies.

American troops have done everything that's been asked of them and more in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the Army and Marine Corps are stretched to their breaking point because George Bush has refused to engage in the type of diplomacy that could tamp down hostilities and ease the strain on our military.

And John McCain and any Republican senator who supports his presidential candidacy are offering more of the same. And they have got to go. You can make it happen.


I have every expectation that America will have a Democrat in the White House next January, and when that happens, I know he or she will begin bringing American troops home from Iraq with honor.

But nothing is for certain in politics. And while Democrats battle to retake the executive branch, we must work just as hard to expand our majorities in the United States Congress.

The DSCC is on the front lines of the fight for the Senate every day. And today, they need you.

Gen. Wesley Clark