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{{data.pair|Topics|\PZ Myers\atheism\religious right}}
{{data.pair|Title|PZ Myers: The Elvis Presley of atheism?}}
{{data.pair|Text|&ldquo;The Information Age must be frightening to parents who wish to keep their children insulated from the scary outside world. All a child has to do is type the word “[[atheism]]” into a search engine, and they’ll find millions of pages dealing with the subject. For young people who subscribe to the stereotype of the atheist as the unhappy, god-hating local crank who tries to get nativity scenes removed from people’s lawns, the [[internet]] probably does a lot to shatter some myths about atheism. .. To counteract all this information, some religionists have taken to Defending the Faith by shooting the messenger, so to speak. Why bother refuting atheism or providing evidence for [[Intelligent Design]] when it’s so easy to attack [[PZ Myers|a biology professor in Minnesota]]?&rdquo;}}<noinclude>

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