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  • link: http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/stossel/blog/2011/06/11/other-peoples-money
  • author: John Stossel
  • source: Fox News
  • title: Other People's Money
  • date: 2011-06-11
  • summary: Fox's John Stossel criticizes politicians for being careless with "other people's money". To his credit, the $700 billion military budget is the second item he mentions ("growing entitlements" are, of course, first), but then he immediately proceeds to ridicule a series of absolutely trivial expenditures, the largest of which is 0.0002% of the $700B originally mentioned and most of which are probably quite worthwhile investments of public money (including the bicycle helmets, which probably save money overall).
  • topics: other people's money
  • example of: bad argument Proxmiring