Abiogenic oil

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Abiogenic oil (more commonly known as abiotic oil) refers to any theory which supposes that most oil is not created by the decomposition of organisms over the course of million years (the scientific consensus) but is instead of more recent origin and is generated by other means. Such theories typically (but not always) suppose that this takes place at a rate sufficient to support current consumption levels indefinitely.

Such theories are not supported by the available evidence, and has never been successfully used to find oil; they are considered to be pseudoscience.





  • 2013/05/26 [L..T] Abiotic Oil Is Killing the Peak Oil Hoax "It is looking like oil is far more plentiful than western governments and the mainstream media would like us to believe, and the reason oil is so plentiful is because it is produced deep in the earth by geological processes in addition to any biological processes. [..] Abiotic oil is explained pretty well by a recent article at Principia-Scientific entitled Fracturing the Fossil Fuel Fables. Another article I recommend is More Evidence for Abiotic Oil."
  • 2011/09/14 [L..T] Abiotic Oil a Theory Worth Exploring "...their advocacy of "abiotic theory" has many dismissing them as heretics, frauds, or idealists. They hold that oil can be derived from hydrocarbons that existed eons ago in massive pools deep within the earth's core. That source of hydrocarbons seeps up through the earth's layers and slowly replenishes oil sources. In other words, it turns the fossil-fuel paradigm upside down."


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