Alexan Garrett Farms

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Alexan Garrett Farms is an ironically-named suburban development built by developer Trammel Crow Residential on the site of the Clifton and Leah Garrett Farm in post-rural southwestern Durham County, North Carolina. It includes 308 apartments.

Of the original farm, supposedly 26 acres west of Mud Creek (wooded area adjacent to New Hope Creek) and an existing farm pond have been preserved (this was in the plan as originally announced, but its accomplishment has hot yet been confirmed).

It was necessary to expand the intersection of Garrett Rd. and 15-501 (and the adjacent section of Garrett Rd.) to add more capacity for the extra traffic generated by the development.


This development was named after the working farm which formerly occupied the site, knocked down by the developer (who showed no interest in preserving it).

The developer's web site notes that "Each community is designed with unparalleled sensitivity to regional preferences" -- and apparently unparalleled obliviousness to regional history and character, too.

Note: anonymous user removed the "Irony" header and the phrase "(who showed no interest in preserving it)". This is beginning to look like a pattern in articles about real estate development.--Woozle 19:10, 3 September 2010 (UTC)