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Wikipedia describes this worldview as being aimed towards a "major confrontation of earth-shaking magnitude that will change the course of history", thus causing significant information previously hidden to become revealed; often the "revelations" only occur in some form of afterlife, freeing apocalypticists from the necessity of remaining alive themselves in order to achieve their goal.

Religious Viewpoints

Jehovah's Witnesses

According to a flyer distributed in 2006 by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (the mouthpiece of the Jehovah's Witnesses), "false religion" will end with a scene in which an extremely wealthy harlot, representing "influence over the kings of the earth" as well as "a worldwide religious entity ... not any one religion, but all religions that produce rotten fruit", wearing purple clothing and incense, is riding on the back of a fearsome beast with seven heads and ten horns (Revelations 17:1-4) representing "the world's political powers" (Revelations 17:10-13). "False religion" is straddling the back of the political "beast", attempting to influence its decisions and control its direction. However, God, apparently acting through multiple individuals in an unspecified manner, causes the political beast to turn on the wealthy-ruler-harlot and destroy her completely. The only way to escape the harlot's fate, apparently, is to become part of "true religion" (atheism apparently offers a similarly "bleak" future, according to [http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=60