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The Catholic Church (sometimes "Roman Catholic Church", or RCC) is the worldwide organization which organizes Catholics, defines the doctrine of Catholicism, and determines who may call themselves "a Catholic" through the ritual of communion.

The headquarters of the Catholic Church are known as the Vatican, and reside in Vatican City which is a quasi-independently-governed part of Rome, Italy. The head of the Church is called the Pope, and Catholic doctrine holds that he is infallible.

The views of the Church are often advanced by a number of independent organizations which, although officially not affiliated with the Church, clearly have the Church's blessing or perhaps work behind the scenes to be consistent with the Church's beliefs, as the Church has never been known to contradict their public statements (nor have they ever made statements critical of the Church):



Although claiming to be a force for good in the world -- at least in modern times, since abandoning the practices of torture, inquisition, and crusade -- the Catholic Church has clearly surrendered any moral authority it might have regained by its repeated insistence on trivializing that which is truly wrong (e.g. abuse of choirboys by priests) and elevating utterly trivial offenses against itself as if they were serious crimes.