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Christianity is currently one of the world's most popular and well-funded religions.


Main article: /mythology

Key elements of Christianity include belief in a single male creator-deity (God) who sent his only son (Jesus Christ) to "redeem" humans from sin, meaning that believers need to accept the son as their savior or else spend the rest of eternity after they die in a place of eternal torment.

Christianity shares God (but not Jesus) and about half of their scripture with Judaism; they also to some extent share God with Islam, albeit under a different name.






  • Wikipedia
  • Conservapedia "the only religion that emphasizes faith rather than a mere belief system, and brings God closest to mankind through Jesus as the Son of God."
  • dKosopedia
  • SourceWatch: no equivalent page (as of 2015-01-29)
  • RationalWiki "Primary disagreements [among sects] include: the nature of God, the role of church authority, the validity of various texts, and the question of how people can "access" God."


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