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[[category:ideas]][[category:concepts]][[Citizen government]] refers to the idea that government can be operated, or at least supervised, by ordinary citizens with no special authority self-organized into groups who wield influence largely through the effort they visibly expend towards reaching [[good]] decisions.
This idea is still in the formative stages, so further definition will come gradually through informal discussion; see below.{{seed}}
''to be written''
==Related Pages==
* [[User:Woozle/United Members of Civilization|United Members of Civilization]]: an unfinished essay outlining the concept, but started before I came up with the term "citizen government". Has some links at the end which should probably be moved here.
* [[backup government]] is an earlier incarnation of this idea, and its contents should probably be renamed and consolidated.
* [[Talk:2007-05-31 Repudiation, Not Impeachment]]: We need a way to collectively repudiate actions of the government, so that we can't be "divided and conquered" (individually rounded up as traitors for dissenting, without widespread knowledge that this has happened)
* [http://www.worldservice.org/ World Government of World Citizens]
* [http://citizensoversight.org/ Citizens' Oversight Projects]: substantial organizational ideas along similar lines to the Woozle proposal (see "Mission" -- scroll down)
** [http://www.copswiki.org/twiki/bin/view/Common/WebHome wiki]
* [http://www.freewayblogger.com/ FreewayBlogger]: tips & techniques for posting short messages in the new village commons

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