Conspiracy theories

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This page is a list of known conspiracy theories. For discussion of the idea itself, see conspiracy theory.

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substantially investigated

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  • Are there any major tragic events since approximately 1900 for which no popular "conspiracy theory" exists?
  • Why are there so many conspiracy theories?
  • What is the approximate ratio of theories which remain unproven or disproven to those which prove true? Is there enough data to draw a curve of {likelihood that any given theory will be proven or disproven} over time? (What is the half-life of a conspiracy theory?) Are there any characteristics which make a theory more likely to be resolved sooner? Are there any characteristics which make a theory more likely to be found true when it is resolved?

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Later Proven Valid

Some conspiracy theories which turned out to be true and are now officially recognized (and are no longer called "conspiracy theories"):

Inconclusive But Taken Seriously

  • If Karen Silkwood had died in the Internet era, the theory that she was rammed from behind by agents working for her employer might well have been branded as a "conspiracy theory".



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