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Creation refers most commonly to theories of creation, i.e. how the universe and all its internals came to be created. The most intense interest is often focussed upon the origins of Earth, of life, and of humanity.

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The predominant scientific view of creation, i.e. that the life presently on Earth evolved from simpler forms over hundreds of millions of years, was controversial when first proposed but has become overwhelmingly accepted by the scientific community due to lack of any alternative explanation which even comes close to explaining the steadily mounting evidence.

This idea nonetheless continues to be opposed, mainly among the less well-informed and mainly in the United States, by religious groups who advance alternative theories proposing that life was created by a supernatural force. In versions of the theory which have not been carefully vetted to avoid running afoul of the separation of church and state mandated by the US Constitution, these theories specifically claim that this force is in fact the Biblical God; other versions, most notably intelligent design, avoid any mention of religion or the supernatural and introduce scientific-sounding (but thoroughly refuted) arguments wherever possible.

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