Creationism vs. science

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This page compares the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection against the various informal theories which hold that the Earth and all life thereon was created as an explicit act ("direct creation") of an intelligent being, typically by a supernatural entity who is most commonly stated to be the Christian God.

Most such comparisons essentially amount to criticisms of evolution, with direct creation (interventionist) theories offered as being much more sensible and reasonable by comparison.

Disputes involving evolution


Apparently "disagreement over the common ancestry of all life" is an issue as well; to be researched.

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  • From interview with Lee Strobel: "Evolution is defined as a random, undirected process. But even scientists say the universe had to begin somewhere. Then you look at genetics, cosmology, physics and other fields. From there we can extrapolate that there had to be an immaterial, powerful, intelligent cause to the universe coming into being. The evidence defies a coincidental explanation. And random, undirected evolution precludes a creator calling the shots, so there's an intellectual disconnect for me. Also, Darwinism offers no explanation for human consciousness. The gaps in science point to a creator."