Deadly asteroid impact denial

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Deadly asteroid impact denial is a thought-game invented by Woozle in a fit of pique (and inspired by this article).

Imagine that astronomers have detected an asteroid on a direct collision course with Earth. It is huge, larger than the one which killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (or, if you prefer, the asteroid of which one or more supernatural beings planted evidence in the so-called geological strata left by Noah's flood), and will destroy all life when it hits.

The game, then, is to identify individuals or groups whose rhetoric is particularly non-reality-based, and explain – in the words of each individual or group – exactly why it is that the asteroid impact will not be a problem and we should continue supporting their agenda as before.



Oh, sure, an asteroid is going to hit Earth... but personally I don't think humanity really deserves to survive anyway... but really, "species survival" is overrated, and anyhow it's all relative. Einstein proved that decades ago. Asteroid impact may be "real" and "important" for us, but it's basically just a social construct of our Western-logical way of thinking; I doubt very much the Aborigines will be affected by it.

Young Earth Creationists

Secular scientists apparently believe it is important for us to understand that an asteroid has been aimed at earth and is due to hit in a matter of days. We at the Recovery Institute believe that this theory is severely lacking in moral principles, and we do not want it taught to our children. We have therefore arrived at a different theory, which not only makes this heinous catastrophe unnecessary but is also fully consistent with Biblical scripture and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

George W. Bush

As your President, it is my job to be the Decider, and the Commander. The War on Terrorism is currently our number one goal. We are fully committed, as a nation, to carrying out this goal. I am fully committed, as your Leader in Chief, to seeing this goal carried out.

Now, there are some who do not place the safety of United States citizens at the highest priority. They want to distract us, weaken our resolve, make us look indecisive. They would propose that we should set aside our singlemindedness of purpose and allow every new thing that comes along to distract us from that.

There are even those who would warn us of so-called doom and destruction falling out of the sky, like some kind of fairy-tale – but these people cause dissent, and disagreement; they are working against freedom and for terrorism. And so I say NO! We must not turn aside! We will stand resolute, and finish the job! [applause]