Dominance mandate

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A dominance mandate is an ideological belief that non-belief in the given ideology is intolerable. Adherents to any ideology which includes a dominance mandate must, at a minimum, work to convert others whenever possible. More extreme dominance mandates hold that those who leave the faith (apostasy) must be punished or even killed; the most extreme forms hold that those who cannot be converted (infidels) must also be killed.

Dominance mandates are generally found in more right-wing, authoritarian forms of religion such as Islam and the more conservative forms of Christianity.

Dominance mandates are definitionally incompatible with tolerance, although their ideological supporters will often use the tolerance-based arguments in support of their intolerance.

As a memetic trait, a dominance mandate obviously helps to spread belief in the ideology which possesses it by encouraging already-infected carriers to infect others (and to disempower those who may have resistance to the meme).