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May 21, 2009 6:27 AM - Mike

Mike at The Big Stick said...

Well for Douthat I would point to this article:


That was the genesis for the book he co-wrote (Grand New Party) which lays out a very aggressive, family friendly, and progressive agenda for the GOP. Douthat just got Bill Kristol's old spot at the NY Times so he will have a much louder voice now.

I would also suggest an article by David Brooks called, "The Coming Activist Age" where he uses a quote you will recognize.

For Daniel Larison I would just point to his blog which is filled with forward-thinking conservative ideals I think he calls it 'reform conservatism').

I would also mention Joel Kotkin, who is a conservative urban studies guy. He's probably my favorite academic. Anything by him is fantastic, but you might want to check out, "The Era to Bring Back" which discusses a renewed Progressive Era.

I will resist the urge to say too much about Olberman but what I will say is that I think him and Rush will probably be roommates when they leave the mortal world. I suppose I can see the delight some liberal take in him. When I used to read Coulter regularly I often found myself nodding in agreement because, "...someone in the mainstream media is apparently still able to not only disagree openly with the [liberal] line, but explain clearly and unambiguously how completely wrong...it is." She's just cringe-worthy in her delivery.