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Welcome to the Google+ exiles kiosk, a page for coordinating connections with and between those who have left or are planning to leave G+ (voluntarily or otherwise; closing account or just not using the site; etc.). Those who are still on G+ are also welcome to use this as a way of staying connected with those who have left.

Ways to Communicate

  1. You can register on Issuepedia and post on this page's discussion page, which is a threaded forum.
  2. You can contact me directly, and I can repost information here.
  3. As we accumulate links to off-G+ venues (individual blogs, alternate social networks etc.), you can use those venues to contact people directly.

Social Networks

  • The Nymmers Social Network on, which is still in beta, welcomes pseudonyms. is open source and may have the potential to be adapted into a distributed social network; see below. For now, though, it's mainly a quick way to have a network that isn't name-restrictive while we work out a longer-term solution.

Long-Term Solutions

As a result of the naming policy debacle (aka Nymwars), there has been a surge of interest in creating a distributed social network. Woozle is working on some ideas (see htyp:FeedFerret) and there is also a group in Cambridge MA that has met over this issue (I don't know if there has been any subsequent progress).

Exiles List