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==Help Pages==
Great. Now i can say thank you!
* [[:Category:Help|Help]] category
** [[project:Contact|Contact]]: contact information for Issuepedia
** [[Help:Feeds|Feeds]] (RSS/Atom): getting update notifications from Issuepedia
** [[Help:Sandbox|Sandbox]] for testing and experimenting
* [[:Category:Policy|Policy]] category
* [[Issuepedia:Article Types|Article Types]]: some of the main types of articles, and where to find examples
* [[Issuepedia:Contributors|Contributors]]: actual people who have contributed substantially to Issuepedia
===spam filter===
If you get blocked by the spam filter, please [[contact]] me! Be sure to include your IP address so I can unblock you. I need to type up some guidelines for avoiding the filter, and the [[htyp:SpamFerret|filter itself]] needs a CAPTCHA-based unblocker.

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Great. Now i can say thank you!


This page is in need of updating. Need some basic wiki-editing instructions here.


didn't I already create a page or section about templates somewhere? -W.

Various conditions under which the complete text of an external article might be posted in Issuepedia:

News Sources

Places to find current news, especially items not generally covered by the mainstream press

Technical Stuff

This is just a page listing for now; eventually there should be how-to guides.

  • forms: category -- includes templates for handling form data
  • code (mostly W3TPL):
    • lib: code libraries
      • links: code for handling link pages
      • util: general utility functions
    • show: routines for displaying stuff (also tend to do stuff when you include them, minimizing need for additional code, vs. requiring a function call)
      • link: displays a link page in a human-readable format