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==Admin Help==
==Admin Help==
* [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]
* [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]

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Help Pages

spam filter

If you get blocked by the spam filter, please contact me! Be sure to include your IP address so I can unblock you. I need to type up some guidelines for avoiding the filter, and the filter itself needs a CAPTCHA-based unblocker.


This page is in need of updating. Need some basic wiki-editing instructions here.


didn't I already create a page or section about templates somewhere? -W.

Various conditions under which the complete text of an external article might be posted in Issuepedia:

News Sources

Places to find current news, especially items not generally covered by the mainstream press


These articles should be rewritten, updated, or scrapped:

  • Article Types: some of the main types of articles, and where to find examples
  • Contributors: actual people who have contributed substantially to Issuepedia