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[[Category:Help]]A seed (also known as a [[WikiPedia:Perfect_stub_article|stub]]) is a very short article, generally of one paragraph or less, or possibly consisting solely of links to other articles or external web sites. A [[seed]] article is the very smallest amount of information needed to define a subject – often just one or two bits of information around which an article will gradually mature, with proper care and nurturing. [[Seed]] articles often go through a [[seedling]] phase before reaching full maturity.
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articles or external web sites. A [[seed]] article is the very smallest amount of information needed to define a subject
Unlike Wikipedia articles, many articles on {{SITENAME}} begin life as directories or lists of links, and definitional text need only be inserted to help clarify the overall nature of the subject or as a guide to other articles available. When an article remains marked as a seed even though it appears to have substantial content, this is usually what is wanted -- some kind of overview of the subject, preferably with explanations of how the information available elsewhere in the article fits in with the big picture.
The nature of the missing text depends somewhat on the nature of the [[Article Types|article type]]; if there is no help information for the particular type of article you are interested in editing, write one or [[{{SITENAME}}:Contact|contact the wikimonster]] to get more information.

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