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Hillary Clinton (HRC) was originally best known for being the wife of former president Bill Clinton, but soon became a political star in her own right:

  • 2001-2009: US Senator from New York
  • 2009-2013: US Secretary of State
  • 2016: Democratic candidate for President

Scandals involving HRC include:

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Conservatives generally hate her; why is this?



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  • 2009-10-14 [Talk|Index] U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade § “The United States reversed policy on Wednesday and said it would back launching talks on a treaty to regulate arms sales as long as the talks operated by consensus, a stance critics said gave every nation a veto.”
  • 2008-06-17 [Talk|Index] That List Of "Democrats And Indys" Backing McCain? It's A Bit Of A Sham. § [2]“This is a fun one. A few days ago, the McCain campaign proudly released a list of "prominent Democrats and Independents" supporting his candidacy. The idea was to appeal to disgruntled Hillary supporters and others by sending a message that it's okay to be a Dem and not support Barack Obama. .. But there's only one problem: The list is a bit of a sham. A look at some of these "Democrats and independents" shows that it's a stretch to tout their support for the Republican as anything at all unusual.”
  • 2008-05-23 [Talk|Index] Hillary's Bizarre RFK Comment § [2]2=“Her excuse now is that the Kennedys have been "much on my mind these days" with the illness of Senator Edward Kennedy, but that doesn't explain what brought it to mind more than two months ago.” Nor does it explain her campaign manager's comment.
  • 2008-04-15 [Talk|Index] Obama Outraises Clinton Among Small Town Pennsylvanians § [2]“Sen. Barack Obama's political opponents charge that his recent remarks on the economic woes and bitterness of low-income voters put him gravely out of touch with small town Pennsylvanians. .. But a review of campaign finance records -- conducted for The Huffington Post by the Spotfire Division of software firm TIBCO -- reveals that it is Obama, not Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has received the majority of donations from these very same Keystone State communities.”
  • 2008-04-10 [Talk|Index] A Silver Lining In the Blue Battle § [2]by Markos Moulitsas: “No matter how you define victory, Barack Obama holds an insurmountable lead in the race to earn the Democratic nomination. He leads in the one metric that matters most: the pledged delegates chosen directly by Democratic voters. But he also leads in the popular vote, the number of states won and money raised. Still, Obama's advantages aren't large enough to allow him an outright victory. He needs the 20 percent of party delegates who aren't bound to a candidate. It's with these superdelegates that Clinton has staked her ephemeral chances. ... Yet while the Beltway establishment frets about the alleged damage this drawn-out contest is doing to the Democratic Party, in reality, it's been an almost unalloyed good.”
  • 2008-03-21 [Talk|Index] Will Rush Limbaugh Be Indicted for Voter Fraud? § [2]“While this all makes for great talk radio and sounds like fun, there is one catch: What Limbaugh encouraged Republican voters to do in Ohio was a fifth-degree felony in that state, punishable with a $2,500 fine and six to 12 months in jail. That is because in order to change party affiliation in Ohio, voters have to fill out a form swearing allegiance to that party's principles "under penalty of election falsification."” Limbaugh urged Republicans to re-register as Democrats so they could vote for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, apparently in the belief that Clinton would be an easier opponent for John McCain to beat – in effect, deliberately weakening the Democratic Party.
  • 2008-02-01 [Talk|Index] Coulter: I Will Vote for Hillary Over McCain § [2]“In case you missed it, on Hannity & Colmes last night, controversial pundit Ann Coulter -- who supports Mitt Romney for president -- said she would back Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, over Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. .. "She's more conservative [than] he is," she said. "She will be stronger on the war on terrorism...I will campaign for her if it's McCain."”
  • 2008-01-04 [Talk|Index] If Clinton wins, would Justice Clinton be far behind? § [2]“a respected conservative law professor has openly predicted a future President Clinton would name her husband to the high court if a vacancy occurred.”
  • 2007-12-28 [Talk|Index] Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul winning big on AOL straw poll § [2]“An AOL straw poll that is supposed to be spam proof shows both Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul winning their respective primaries. ... On the Democratic side the results somewhat mirrored media generated polls. Nationally Clinton has 46%, Barack Obama 27%, John Edwards 17%, Biden 4%, Kucinich 3%, Richardson 2%, Gravel 1%, and Dodd 1%.”
  • 2007-01-22 [Talk|Index] Hillary Clinton Drops Madrassa Bomb on Barack Obama § [2]“The gloves are off: Hillary Clinton is reported to be already digging up the dirt on Barack Obama. .. The New York senator has reportedly outed Obama's madrassa past. That's right, the Clinton team is reported to have pulled out all the stops to reveal something Obama would rather you didn't know: that he was educated in a Muslim madrassa.” The claim is false on both counts.


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