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Hillary Clinton is perhaps best known for being the wife of former president Bill Clinton, although she became a US Senator in 2000.

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Conservatives generally hate her; why is this?





  • 2007-10-02 (date found) Hillary Rodham Clinton is God's Man by Flip Benham ("the apparently "Methodist" director of OSA", according to one source): Operation Save America argues that Clinton is God's retribution to the US Republican Party for turning its back on God. Or something like that. What's a little worrisome is trying to figure out what they expect to happen next. At least it is somewhat honest in pointing out Newt Gingrich's moral hypocrisy. Perhaps the Christian Right will start campaigning openly for their views now, rather than being the puppetmaster for the neocons? That would be refreshing, though it's a bit alarming to think that they believe they have the numbers to make this worthwhile. (Another helping of Nehemiah Scudder, anyone?)
  • 2007-07-26 Slowing the Hillary pillory