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InstaGov is the working name for a possible solution to the problem of government, and more specifically as a solution to the flaws which have become apparent in the American system of government due to their carefully-targeted exploitation by the Bush II administration. It can be thought of as "government for anti-authoritarians", utilizing the power of cooperative action. It can work either as a supplement to an existing system of government or theoretically as a replacement, though a great deal more real-world testing will be needed first.

It is also the name of the software to be written for implementing the idea. The software will be open source and freely available.

Earlier versions of the idea (and different angles on the problem):

Technical Details

  • I have obtained the domain name, mainly for the purpose of securing the name "InstaGov" for this project; I picture this as another gateway into Issuepedia but with the emphasis on InstaGov's functions. (Issuepedia's front page should probably be reworked as well, when this happens.)
  • Software design details are being posted at HTYP.