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Issuepedia's mission is to aid in the process of making important decisions which affect large numbers of people, either directly or indirectly.

Issuepedia's immediate function is to document:

  • significant issues
  • opinions held on those issues along with any reasoning or background necessary to understand those opinions
  • analytical tools available for attempting to reach a reasonable decision on such issues

It is also intended as a forum for further discussion, and to provide a central point for information about other forums where issues may be discussed in a productive way.

By providing a location where points of argument on an issue can be referenced whenever needed, Issuepedia hopes to eliminate much of the endless circular arguing and side-tracking which has always plagued such discussions. The fairly new technique of embedding hyperlinks within a discussion makes it easier to check the cross-reference if desired while reducing the amount of distraction to those who wish to continue reading uninterrupted.