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My apologies for this page being MIA for so long... --Woozle 15:54, 24 May 2011 (EDT)

Getting Started

The User Guide page has some suggestions for how to get involved with Issuepedia. Online users counter script has some suggestions for a chekimg of a number of online users.

Making Comments

The simplest way to comment on anything in Issuepedia is to use the "discussion" tab for the page where you would like to comment. The "discussion" tab for each page has a threaded forum for that page. To make a comment, click on the "start a new discussion" link, and then type and submit!

If you have a comment that doesn't apply to any specific page, then comment here or on the discussion tab for the Main Page.


For more information about Issuepedia and how to use it, see also the general help page and the "about Issuepedia" page.