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===01/08 (Wed)===
===01/08 (Wed)===
* {{l/wp|2020 Iranian attack on U.S. forces in Iraq}}
* {{l/wp|2020 Iranian attack on U.S. forces in Iraq}}
* https://splinternews.com/meet-the-woke-misogynist-1793859082
** https://twitter.com/thomthomastoo/status/1214919223153242113

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01/01 (Wed)

01/02 (Thu)

AU fire crisis

How dumb are you people?

It is NOT global warming that caused this. It was the green activists who made it law for Australians not to be allowed to clear the overburden of dry wood that builds up every year. A man started this fire, he has been arrested.. he was trying to ‘protect his marijuana plants’ by burning 5000 acres and then when the wind picked up it was unstoppable.

You people are delusional.

01/03 (Fri)

01/04 (Sat)

01/05 (Sun)

01/06 (Mon)

01/07 (Tue)

01/08 (Wed)