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{{#lst:Issuepedia:Technology|navbar}}: Form Templates


Form Templates is a tool (well, actually a combination of tools) which make it easier to enter data into Issuepedia in a useful way. The pilot form,, simplifies the process of creating a page for storing data about a news or opinion link. The resulting pages are categorized in such a way that they show up, nicely formatted, on the pages for which they have been tagged. (The process is still a little awkward; improvements will be ongoing.)

The Form Templates tool is actually a combination of the following tools:

  • the Simple Forms extension
  • the CreatePage special page, written specifically for this purpose
  • several other extensions which help with the automatic display of tagged pages

This will all be documented eventually at greater length on HTYP.


Fill in this form with made-up answers (think of MadLibs):

{{#form:target=newpage|method=GET| }}
Your name: {{#input:name=who}}
Your organization: {{#input:type=select

| name=org |

  • pretty good
  • reasonable
  • a bit sloppy
  • like Cosmo Fishhawk
  • a complete pigsty
Favorite topic: {{#input: type = select
               | name  = what
               | value = {{#request:what}}
  • Stuff
  • Things
  • Whatever
  • Miscellaneous
An adjective: {{#input:name=adj}}
Write some sentences: {{#input:name=comments|type=textarea}}
   {{#input:type=hidden|name=tpltpage|value=Issuepedia:Form Templates/template demo 1}}
   {{#input:type=hidden|name=nametplt|value=Sandbox - form demo - <<adj>> <<what>>}}