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caeltli There are two types of personal information which might be collected on Issuepedia:

  1. wiki: contact information entered onto a wiki page within the side
    • Issuepedia considers any information entered onto a wiki page to be freely available and redistributable, unless:
      • it was entered without the owner's consent, or
      • the information is clearly marked as being restricted in some way (e.g. a different license)
      • where possible, taking into consideration available resources, Issuepedia will make reasonable efforts to prevent email addresses on wiki pages from being picked up by spambots. See fighting email spam for techniques.
  2. user: email addresses submitted as part of the user registration process
    • Issuepedia does not give out user email addresses except as required by law. Issuepedia is not interested in selling, renting, or giving away any user email addresses.