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A growing number of reference sites are now available on the web. Some are general, but most are specific to some particular area of interest.


Issuepedia has templates for easy linkage to the following MediaWiki-based reference sites:

  • Wikipedia: general encyclopedia; usually reliable, but be alert for the political agendas of individual editors
  • Conservapedia: Americonservatism-oriented encyclopedia; sees the world from a United States-centric point of view, and uses every opportunity to show how all problems can be blamed on liberalism and/or secularism
  • Dkosopedia: left-leaning political encyclopedia
  • Iron Chariots: religious apologetics
  • Metapedia (metapedia dot org is blocked by MW spam filter; Wikipedia): "far-right, white nationalist, white supremacist, white separatist, antisemitic, and neo-Nazi"
  • RationalWiki: devoted to rational analysis of politically-significant claims
  • SourceWatch: follows the influence of money in politics

In each case, there is a template of the same name (all lower-case, no spaces) -- e.g. {{ironchariots}} -- which will link to that wiki's article of the same name. The first argument (optional) is the article name to link to if it's not the same.